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Below are answers to common questions about the process.

What is the Vibrant Communities Initiative? The Vibrant Communities initiative is our opportunity to ensure our communities remain strong, diverse and prosperous. We’ll develop an agenda of actions based on where we are today, where we’d like to be and how we intend to get there. We’ve been improving and investing in our physical and natural environment to get us where we are today. This process will evaluate those initiatives, engage the community in a thoughtful discussion of new ideas, and build positive momentum with a new set of projects, policies and programs.


What is an Action Agenda? The Vibrant Communities Initiative is a chance for our communities to assess our strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of growth, and collaborate on a vision for our future. This process will include robust public engagement to ensure every resident, employee, or visitor has a chance to provide their thoughts on what makes our communities unique. The collected input along with technical analysis will help shape an Action Agenda containing specific programs, policies, or projects that can help build a strong, vibrant community. This action agenda will include an implementation plan to continuously shape our communities into prosperous places to live, work, and play.


Why is this being done? We all have a stake in the success of our communities and can influence how we will thrive in the future. To ensure our future is strong, we need to focus investment in key areas and champion efforts to enhance the overall quality of place. This can only be accomplished by establishing a unified vision for our communities that satisfies the needs of residents to live comfortably, enjoy free time with family and friends, and develop a strong workforce to support the community.


Who is taking the lead in this process? The process is being led by a 25-member Steering Committee representing a wide range of interests from across our county. The group is made up of community leaders, elected officials, and residents. It was formed to be a representative body to provide a voice to the county’s many diverse interests. The Steering Committee is charged with guiding the process and the substance of the recommendations. They’ll meet throughout the process and provide guidance and direction to the county as it puts together its plan. The process is being coordinated by the La Porte County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Unity Foundation of La Porte County and is funded by those embracing the potential of our diverse communities.


Why now? Our past and current residents have already laid the foundation for defining great places in each one of La Porte County’s communities. These places will continue to experience change in many ways and through defining a vision with clear goals, outcomes, and expectations, we will ensure that our legacy prospers well into the future. Our communities have never been stronger making this the perfect opportunity for all of us to pause, take pride in what’s been accomplished, and define a plan for our future.


What do we hope to accomplish? Through this process we hope to understand how you experience life in your La Porte County community. We want to know everything from what places you enjoy visiting, to what programs or activities you take part in, to what’s missing in the community today. All this input will lead to the creation of a final Action Agenda which will list out specific recommendations that support the public input and the parties or organizations who can make those happen. This agenda will guide our communities toward achieving a higher quality of place and quality of life for all.


What are the Community Conversation Workshops?  As a kick-off to the process, several Community Conversation Workshops will be held in various locations throughout the county. These workshops are intended to get the conversation started on La Porte County’s future, our individual community’s future and get us thinking about how we can achieve more vibrant and prosperous communities. Participation is encouraged early-on to see how public comment helps shape the recommendations of the final Action Agenda. These workshops will be large format events so be sure to spread the word for a workshop in a community near you!


How does this process affect me? Whether you work, visit, or live in one of La Porte County’s communities, you help influence how our county thrives. If you are passionate about the future of the county and its communities, this process needs your input. It’s critical that you get involved to ensure your thoughts become part of the discussion for shaping our future. Several meetings will be held throughout the county to ensure that you can share your voice, thoughts, and concerns. This input will directly shape the final Action Agenda, and through its implementation, help guide the communities of La Porte County into the future.


How can I get involved in the process? Throughout the process, several large- and small-scale meetings will be held where we’ll ask hard questions about our future and make important recommendations about the best course of action. By attending these meetings, you’ll be able to share your opinions and know that your views will be incorporated into the final Action Agenda. As the plan is implemented, you’ll have helped shape a more vibrant La Porte County for yourself and future generations. Through our website,, you will be able to follow the progress of the Vibrant Communities Action Agenda process, learn about important facts and upcoming events, and share further views.


What is the Summit on the Future? Following our Community Conversation Workshops the Planning Team will work to distill the input received from the public and develop the draft Action Agenda. During the Summit, you’ll be asked to attend and provide your feedback on the direction of recommendations. We’ll celebrate how far we’ve come and reveal our strategies for implementing the Action Agenda!


Where can I learn more about the process? The website will serve as a communications and engagement resource throughout the process. Here you’ll find information on the process, upcoming events, and tools where you can get involved and share your perspective. Be sure to visit this website often to ensure you are up-to-date on all information!


How long will the process take? The process will take place over a seven-month period starting in August 2019 and concluding in late January 2020.


How do we realize our vision? The final Action Agenda will include numerous programs, policies, and projects that strive towards the goals and objectives revealed through this process. Some of the actions identified may be easier to implement in one of La Porte County’s communities while others may take some time for various reasons. Based on these implementation factors, the final actions would fall into either short-term actions (within 1-3 years) or long-term actions (beyond 3 years). Through pursuit of the final action agenda, the community vision will begin to take shape in each community and over time develop a more vibrant La Porte County.

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