The Action Agenda recommends a wide variety of projects, policies, and programs to support the vision. The diversity of these actions reflects the three major themes characterizing the communities of La Porte County – People, Prosperity, and Place.

During the engagement process, public input from the hundreds of participants defined a set of goals and series of strategies to support the unified vision. Seventeen guiding strategies emerged to focus the action items while achieving the three thematic goals. This structure organizes the 67 action items within the Action Agenda to develop multifaceted methods for enhancing all of the communities.


Next Steps

The Action Agenda has a role for everyone in the community from supporting initiatives to championing actions. Within the last chapter, Implementation, each action item has been assigned potential leaders or partner organizations to support implementation. Here are a few suggestions on how various community representatives, organizations, and leaders can use and support the Action Agenda.

  • Adopt the Vision Statement Organizations can officially adopt the vision statement, showing their dedication for enhancing the communities, supporting their people, and improving their prosperity.

  • Identify potential roles in action implementation Everyone has a role in supporting the Vibrant Communities Movement. From individual people to private businesses to large organizations, all of the action items will require support to implement or may already be underway. Identifying opportunities to get involved in the movement will ensure that all of La Porte County’s communities become more vibrant in the future.

  • Promote immediate action – The Action Agenda contains a variety of recommendations which allow for realization. By supporting the movement, these actions can receive the resources, funding, or support necessary to ensure their implementation.
  • Monitor the movement – This Action Agenda represents the first expression of the movement. New recommendations will emerge as actions are implemented and partnerships form throughout the county.

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